Home Programme

You can download the Moseley Society's full Programme for 2013 / 2014 by clicking HERE.

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Thursday 20th March.
7.30 pm at Moseley Exchange.

Tuesday 25th March.

"Transport in Moseley in the Nineteenth Century" by Janet Berry
7.30 pm at Moseley Exchange.


and more Local History meetings on Tuesdays:

29th April. "Middlemore Homes" by Val Hart (Balsall Heath History Society)
27th May. "St. Agnes Church and the St. Agnes Parish" by Jim Andrew.

Car Park Clean-up Dates for 2014 (Sundays from 10 a.m.)

26 January 1 June 28 September
23 February 29 June 26 October
23 March 27 July 23 November
27 April 24 August 21 December

Icehouse & Dovecote Openings 2014 (Saturdays 2.30-5 p.m.)

The icehouse can be found in Moseley Park and the dovecote at the entrance to Moseley Hall Hospital.

26 April 31 May 26 July 30 August
24 May 28 June 23 August 27 September

Please note: on 30th August, only the Dovecote will be open.