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Planning Policy



The Society aims to encourage the enhancement of the environment of Moseley, both built and natural, by the following means:


  • by improving the quality of all types of residential accommodation – domestic or institutional.
  • by encouraging the conservation of existing buildings, trees, gardens and open spaces.
  • by supporting good new development employing high quality design, materials and construction.
  • by encouraging the maintenance of existing properties in residential use.
    • by discouraging further increase in hostels, care homes and houses in multiple occupation.
    • by encouraging restoration of properties from multi-occupation or institutional use to family accommodation or to self contained flats.
    • by opposing backland development whilst accepting appropriate infill on sites with road  frontage.
    • by opposing alterations that seriously affect the architectural quality of a property and so affect the street scene and character of the area, including front boundary treatments.
    • by supporting efforts by all parties to secure alterations in legislation intended to protect the character of conservation areas and mature suburbs.


  • by supporting developments which seem likely to improve the vitality of the shopping centre.
  • by supporting the Local Centres SPD and the 2013 Moseley Supplementary Planning Document.
  • by the implementation of the Moseley Shop Front Design Guide.
  • by welcoming provision of off-street car parking.
  • by discouraging change of use of shops to A2, A3, A4 or A5 uses in the core shopping area.
    • by opposing any further planning or licensing applications for off-licence or take-away food outlets.
    • by opposing applications for late-night opening of pubs and take-aways.
    • by opposing any further conversion of commercial property to residential use.


  • to consider disabled access and facilities in all planning applications.
  • to pay special attention to planning issues within the Moseley and St Agnes Conservation Areas.
  • to encourage the use of Planning and Licensing Enforcement powers to secure compliance with policies and alteration to works / uses where appropriate.


  • Although The Moseley Society aims to liaise with Residents’ Associations about applications in their areas, we rely on Members and Residents’ Associations to contact the Society if they want their views to be taken into consideration on a particular application.
  • We learn about applications from Weekly Lists and by notification of ‘significant’ applications from the Department. We will not be told about changes being made under the extension of permitted development rights since 30 May 2013.  If you have a particular concern about a property which you think may be the subject of planning applications/exercise of permitted development rights, you should contact Planning and Regeneration, P.O. Box 28, Birmingham, B1 1TU, phone 0121-303 1115 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Custom and practice over many years dictates that the overwhelming majority of planning applications are dealt with by planning officers to whom the Planning Committee of the Council has delegated authority, and therefore these are not decided by Planning Committee. You may request that an application be considered by the full Committee, but normally this will only happen if the application is significant because of its scale, impact on the community, or consequences for planning regulations.